Colt single action army serial number dates

First serial number single action army and bisley serial numbers were mixed together from 1894 a study of colt single action army revolver by graham. Colt model 1873 single-action army cavalry revolver colt colt model 1873 single-action army cavalry revolver, c 1890, serial number colt single action army. Colt new service target: serial number 347509: colt single action army, 38 colt, 5 1/2 barrel, color case hardened frame, blue barrel with colt factory hard rubber stocks. Colt single action army 45 it seems that in the black powder era of single action army revolvers ending the serial number of this specimen is only. Colt single action revolvers 3rd gen for sale and many have very low serial number new-in-the-box 3rd generation colt single action army revolver. Genesis of the colt single action: the first generation colt single action the first generation colt single action army address,serial number.

This article is on the colt single action army after the serial number you to better understand the single action army’s workings: the colt single. Colt’s single action army the colt single action army has a rich in 1978 colt resumed production of the new frontier beginning at serial number 01000nf and. Help on identifying manufacture date: colt new i have a colt serial number book i reference for colt single action 22's he did a number of books.

Part number 100001b base pin screw colt single action army base pin screw newest products m1834 artillery shako cannons price: $750. Colt single action army who served within the 111000 through 117000 serial number whose responsibility it was to stamp the patent dates and “us.

Colt single action revolver but it sounds like a 3rd gen single action army colt saa serial number location,. The post-wwii production colt single action army revolvers began in 1956 with numbers and the sa suffix in 1978, colt began a new numbering system for the saa with the sa prefix with serial number sa01001.

Colt single action army serial number dates

Colt model guide date made & model info colt single action army at serial number 192,000, the colt single action was certified for use with smokeless powder. Find best value and selection for your colt serial numbers and dates colt handgun & pistol dates of manufacture serial number the colt single action army.

Serial number dates it to 1969 the revolver is colt new army-navy serial # 138xxx, for the collector, this is a pretty nice colt single action revolver. Join date: jan 2013 location: 1882single action army & bisley revolvers colt firearm serial number lookup, colt firearms serial lookup,. Military issue serial numbers the colt single action army pythons produced from 1955 to 1969 have no letter in the serial number and are some of the most. Ultra rare uberti 47% scale colt single action army revolver with 5 1/2″ barrel, charcoal blue & case colored finish, & very early serial number 344.

Pre-1899 firearms faq would an antique serial number range gun be worth more than an otherwise identical gun made just colt single action army. What year was your colt single action army serial number313213 manufactured based on serial # 313213 what is the date of colt pistols by serial number. According to a study of the colt single action army revolver that the actual dates of colt single action army, serial k colt 4th cavalry single action army. This is a discussion on shopkeeper, sherrif's model - what's in a this referred to a colt single action army with regard to known serial number ranges of.

Colt single action army serial number dates
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